Corrosion Inhibitor Para B9325

Corrosion inhibitor “V 9325” is intended for corrosion protection of heat exchange equipment and communications in water circulation systems through cooling towers, as well as in water vapor-condensate systems.

Inhibitor “B 9325” is an aqueous solution of a mixture of zinc salts.

Corrosion inhibitor “B 93 25 ” made according to specifications TU 24 58 -0 13 – 26,913,347 -201 4 .

Used in services

Protection of equipment for water circulation systems

physical and chemical indicators
Appearancecolorless to light yellow syrupy liquid
Density at 20C, g / cm31,850 – 2,000
Pour point, С, not higherminus 12
PH value, units, no more1.5 – 3.5