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Antifoam Hercules 2307

Antifoam agent “HERCULES 2307” is a highly effective silicone-based reagent in hydrocarbon solvent for foam suppression in the processes of oil, gas and gas condensate production, preparation, transportation and processing. Antifoam agent “HERCULES 2307” is produced in accordance with TU 2229-071-17423242-2012.

Used in services

Protection of technological equipment for the processing of hydrocarbon raw materials

Transportation of oil and oil products

Oil preparation

Protection of process and pipeline equipment


Hercules 2307 Antifoam is used to prevent or reduce foam formation in any petroleum system.


The dosage of the antifoam agent “HERCULES 2307” largely depends on the conditions of use. The usual dosage is 2 to 25 ppm . 

physical and chemical indicators
Appearancecolorless to yellow liquid
Density at 20С, g/cm30.780 ÷ 0.970
Pour point, С, not higherminus 40