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Converter Hercules 54505

The neutralizer “HERCULES 54505” is a concentrated solution of amines and is produced in three grades: grade A – in an aromatic solvent, grade B – in the form of an aqueous solution, grade C – in aromatic and / or in toluene. The neutralizer is designed to control pH in the upper flows of columns and condensing systems of primary oil refining units at oil refineries. The neutralizer has a high neutralizing capacity, which makes it possible to keep the pH level of drainage water stable within a narrow range of 5.5 – 6.5. Neutralization products do not form deposits on the metal surface. The HERCULES 54505 neutralizer is produced in accordance with TU 38.401-58-238-01 with amend. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Used in services

Protection of technological equipment for the processing of hydrocarbon raw materials


The HERCULES 54505 neutralizer is used in the oil refining industry and is designed to provide effective control over the pH value in the condensing-refrigeration systems of primary oil refining units.


The effectiveness of the Hercules 54505 neutralizer depends on the specific conditions of use, so industrial dosages of the reagent can range from 3 g/ton to 20 g/ton at oil refineries. It is recommended to supply the neutralizer with a dosing pump.

physical and chemical indicatorsgrade Agrade Bgrade C
AppearanceHomogeneous transparent liquid from colorless to amber colorHomogeneous transparent liquid from colorless to amber colorHomogeneous transparent liquid from colorless to amber color
Density at 20С, g/cm30.850 – 0.8900.970 – 0.9900.810 – 0.910
Pour point, С, not higherminus 40minus 30minus 40
Neutralizing capacity, l/g-eq. HCl, not higher0.3000.3000.200-0.450