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Antifoulant Para AF8101

Antifoulant “Para AF 8101” is designed to prevent asphaltene deposits in tanks, pipelines, coils and other heat exchange equipment at oil, gas and gas condensate production enterprises and at oil and gas processing enterprises, as well as at oil products and crude oil transshipment points, in ports . Antifoulant Para AF 8101 is a balanced composition of surfactants and copolymers in a hydrocarbon solvent. Antifoulant “Para AF 8101” is produced in accordance with TU 2458-022-26913347-2015.

Used in services

Protection of technological equipment for the processing of hydrocarbon raw materials

physical and chemical indicators
AppearanceClear, colorless to dark yellow liquid
Density, at 20С, g/cm30.820 – 0.980
Pour point, С, not higherminus 40