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Ammonium Chloride


The chemical formula is NH4Cl and its scientific name is ammonium chloride

Product form : Substance

Substance name : Ammonium Chloride

CAS-No. : 12125-02-9

Formula : NH4Cl

Synonyms : amchlor / amchloride / ammonii chloridum / ammonium muriate / muriate of ammonia

/ sal ammoniac / salmiac

Ammonium chloride, or solid crystalline salt, which is colorless and odorless and tastes disgusting

The solution dissolves well in hot water

Ammonium chloride solution is a mild acid

Ammonium chloride is an acidic agent that is expectorant and diuretic

Using Areas

Ammonium chloride using in oil well drilling fluid, electronic and battery parts, medine, agreeculter


It is used in agriculture as a source of nitrogen in fertilizers, which is mostly used for rice, wheat and legumes


Also used in the electronics industry as an engraver to make printed circuits and to aid in soldering.

Animal medicine:

Meanwhile is used in veterinary medicine to prevent the formation of urinary stones in goats, cattle and sheep.

The most common use of ammonium chloride is in dry cell batteries as an electrolyte.

It is coated as a flux in the preparation of metals into tin and used in the textile and leather industries, fireworks, detergent shampoos, hair dyes and bleaches

  • Oil well drilling
  • It is using in oil well drilling fluid systems
  • Side effects of ammonium chloride include:
  • Metabolic acidosis.
  • EEG abnormalities.
  • Mental confusion.


Physical state Solid
Appearance Crystalline solid. Crystalline powder.
Color Colourless to white
pH 5 (10 %)
Relative density 1530 kg/m³ (25 °C)