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Various problems may occur during oil production and transportation, which significantly increase operating costs. One of these problems is the deposition of heavy organic compounds, mainly asphaltenes, paraffins and resins. The formation of asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits can occur in the reservoir, in pump and compressor pipes, in field systems for collecting and preparing oil, in pipelines and in reservoirs. The consequences of the formation of asphaltene deposits are extremely negative from an economic and technological point of view and are expressed in a decrease in the inter-repair period of wells, the need for constant measures to prevent and remove deposits, and a General increases the cost of oil production and transportation.
PARAGROUP takes a holistic approach to asphaltene control, modeling and recreating the characteristics of your unique oilfield situation in a laboratory environment that accurately mimics your specific field conditions. With the data collected, we are able to supply cost-effective chemicals and treating methods that translate to increased profitability for our customers.