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Depressant Additive Para DD2121

Additive depressant dispersant Para DD 2121 is a specially selected composition of copolymers in a hydrocarbon solvent. Additive Para DD 2121 is designed to effectively reduce the filterability temperature and the pour point of diesel and heating oil. Additive Para DD 2121 contains a dispersing additive that significantly improves the sedimentation stability of diesel fuels during storage. Additive Para DD 2121 is produced in accordance with TU 2458-044-17423242-2010, amend. one

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Fuel additives

physical and chemical indicators
Appearancelight yellow to dark brown liquid
Density at 20С, g/cm30.850 – 0.930
Kinematic viscosity at 20С, mm2/s, no moreone hundred
Pour point, С, not higherMinus 5