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Depressant additive Para DM1010

Depressant “Para DM 1010” is a specially selected combination of copolymers in a hydrocarbon solvent and is designed to improve fluidity and effectively reduce the pour point of residual fuels (fuel oil) and oils during production and transportation. Depressant additive “Para DM 1010” is produced in two grades M and N in accordance with the current specifications TU 2458-001-17423242-2008, amend.1.

Used in services

Fuel additives

Transportation of oil and oil products


It is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations for the use of the Para DM 1010 additive: to heat up the additive, prepare the working solution of the additive and preheat the working solution of the additive and the fuel to be treated before introducing the reagent.


The effectiveness of the Para DM 1010 additive depends on the composition and content of paraffins in the treated fuel. The dosage of the additive depends on the specific conditions of use and can range from 100 g/ton to 1000 g/ton, more typical dosages are 200-300 g/ton of fuel oil or oil. It is recommended to supply the additive with a dosing pump.

physical and chemical indicatorsbrand Mbrand M, copy
Appearance at 500Clight yellow to light brown viscous or pasty substancelight yellow to light brown viscous or pasty substance
Density at 50С, g/cm30.820 – 0.9400.860 – 0.960
Pour point, С, not higher2535
Flash point in a closed crucible, С, not lower2333