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Paraffin dispersant Para DN3130

Paraffin dispersant “Para DN 3130” is a specially selected combination of surfactants in a hydrocarbon solvent and is designed to effectively remove paraffin deposits and control their formation in the oil and oil refining industry. The dispersant penetrates and removes wax deposits from the system, and leaves a thin film on the metal surface that repels wax and keeps the system clean. The dispersant “Para DN 3130” is produced in two grades A and B in accordance with the current specifications TU 2458-004-17423242-2008.

Used in services

Transportation of oil and oil products

Protection of process and pipeline equipment


It is necessary to strictly follow the company’s recommendations for the use of the dispersant “Para DN 3130”. It is recommended to prepare a working solution of the dispersant. It is desirable to preheat the working solution of the dispersant before entering the system.


The effectiveness of the dispersant “Para DN 3130” depends on the specific conditions of use and the complexity of processing, the composition and content of paraffins in the treated fuel. The dosage of the dispersant can range from 50 g/ton to 1000 g/ton. It is recommended to supply the dispersant with a dosing pump.

physical and chemical indicators grade A grade B
Appearance light yellow to light brown liquid light yellow to light brown liquid
Density at 20С, g/cm3 0.860 – 0.920 0.840 – 0.900
Pour point, С, not higher minus 18 minus 30
Flash point in a closed crucible, С, not lower 25 25