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Antiwear additive Para DS7739

Antiwear additive Para “DS 7739” is designed to improve the lubricity of diesel fuels. Antiwear additive Para “DS 7739” is a specially selected composition of fatty acid derivatives in a hydrocarbon solvent. Antiwear additive Para “DS 7739” is produced in accordance with TU 0257-043-17423242-2010.

Used in services

Fuel additives


Anti-wear additive Para “DS 7739” is added to diesel fuel during its pumping or storage.   


The dosage of the antiwear additive Para “DS 7739” is determined for each diesel fuel until the required wear spot is reached and ranges from 50-150 ppm depending on the sulfur content.

physical and chemical indicators
AppearanceClear liquid from light yellow to dark brown
Density at 20С, g/cm30.890 – 0.930
Pour point, С, not higherminus 10
Kinematic viscosity at 20оС, mm2/s, no more35