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Mining&Mineral Process Solutions


Mining and Mineral Process Engineering Solutions


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PARAGROUP AIS is a supplier of special equipment and machinery, innovative services and technologies for the mining and mineral processing industries. Our team, consisting of various engineers and mining experts, develops innovative methods and machines, especially in the enrichment of precious metals, to increase the efficiency of the beneficiation, reduce the operating costs and ensure that ensuring smooth operation of all processes.
It is supplied as part of comprehensive programs that include inspection and adjustment of
technological processes and systems for manufactured machines and equipment, as well as
systems for monitoring the effectiveness of their use.
• The most appropriate planning is made by the experienced team of experts to complete your project on time and with high quality.
• Compliance with certain laws, quality standards and insurance compliance guidelines are considered.
• It is ensured that all works comply with the specified technical documentation and other spirits.
• Delivering your projects on time, reducing technical risks with our continuous inspection and preventing construction errors, thus providing better cost control over the project.




Advantages of Engineering Solutions

• Increase the quality
• Guarantee Of Durability and Safety
• Save Your Investments
• Less workload
• Automation and Control Systems
Based on an extensive review and analysis of various problems of our customers, PARAGRUP
AIS develops and offers programs such as:
• Various Cyclones and Hydro cyclones
• Air (Pneumatic) Flotation Machine
• Foam Separators
• Column Flotation Machine
• Electro-flotation Machines
• Thickener Tanks
• Leaching Tanks
• Dosing Machine
• Adsorption Unit
• Desorption Unit
• Regeneration Unit
Custom-engineered protection programs developed by PARAGRUP AIS based on solid
experience, broad knowledge and advanced research. Tens of our customers enjoy technical
support provided by our technical staff








– Corrosion 

– Salt deposits and scaling

– Bio-fouling

– Contamination and clogs

– Not satisfactiry monitoring of processes

– Significant reduction in heat transfer

– Scaling

– Premature failure of equipment

– Reducing the capacity of water circulation

systems (production systems)

– Overload of units, equipment and high energy  consumption.

– Reduced equity and operating costs

– Increasing efficiency of the equipment

– The use of more effective programs and technologies

–Protection of the process from faulty products and derivatives

– Increasing the quality of produced product

– Products warranty up to 1 year

– Field support

– 24/7 Online Support.

Our Services

mining industry


– Suitable for selective flotation

– Cell volume is less and investment cost is low

Filtration aids

Grinding aids

Monitoring and control systems

Non-sulfide flotation reagents

Rheology modifiers

Scale inhibitors

Specialty dewatering aids

Viscosity modifiers


– Chemichal preparation process management

– Dust control for safe work

-Filtration aids

-Dosing aids

-Monitoring and control systems

-Special flow control sensors

– DCS & Scada systems





– Variable chemical ratios process management

– Dust control for safe work

Filtration aids

-Dosing aids

-Monitoring and control systems

-Special flow control sensors

– DCS & Scada systems






– Variable chemical ratios process management

– 3000 mL/H Dosing capasity

– Dust control for safe work

Filtration aids

-Dosing aids

-Monitoring and control systems

-Special flow control sensors

– DCS & Scada systems