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Fertilezer & Chemical industry


Fetilizer and chemical industry


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Ensuring trouble-free and safe operation of equipment when technologies and chemical solutions of the company. Implementation of an effective water treatment program by optimising the composition of reagents and their consumption.

PARAGRUP AIS has accumulated many years of extensive and versatile experience in implementing complex programs for processing recycled water at various industries in order to protect the process equipment of all segments from corrosion, salt deposition and microbiological activities.

Manufactured chemical products are supplied as part of comprehensive programs that include, in addition to reagents, inspection and adjustment of technological processes and systems for dosing reagents, as well as systems for monitoring the effectiveness of their use.

Based on an extensive review and analysis of various problems of our customers, PARAGRUP AIS develops and offers programs such as:

– Corrosion  of protection pipelines and primary water supply units;

– Fouling and scaling control of process pipelines and process equipment ;

– Protection of cooling units from corrosion, scaling and biofouling;

– Water treatment solutions;

– Waste water solutions;

Custom-engineered protection programs developed by PARAGRUP AIS based on solid experience, broad knowledge and advanced research. Tens of our customers enjoy technical support provided by our technical staff.








– Corrosion 

– Salt deposits and scaling

– Bio-fouling

– Contamination and clogs

– Significant reduction in heat transfer

– Scaling

– Premature failure of equipment

– Reducing the capacity of water circulation

systems (production systems)

– Overload of units, equipment and high energy

and/or fuel consumption.

– Reduced equity and operating costs

– Increasing efficiency of the equipment

– The use of more effective programs and


– Protection of equipment from various types of

deposits and corrosion

– Increasing the quality of produced water

– Products warranty up to 1 year

– Field support

– 24/7 Online Support.

Our Services

Fertilizers and Chemical industry


boiler water treatment

– RO System and raw water pretreatment 

– Corrosion control

– Scaling and contamination 


cooling water treatment

– RO System and raw water pretreatment 

– Corrosion control

– Scaling and contamination 

– Bacteria and Bio-control

– Biofouling


waste water treatment

– Corrosion control

– Scaling and contamination 

– Bacteria and Bio-control

– Biofouling

The main approaches

Technological and economic benefits

–  Lower CAPEX and OPEX

–  Increase production and product quality

–  Saving energy costs

–  Reducing waste of recycled water in the system and reducing the supply of feed water

–  Improved heat transfer due to the reduced biological fouling, scaling and decreased corrosion.

–  Decreasing the load of waste water treatment facilities by reducing the rate of corrosion to standard values.