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Oil & Gas production

Full-cycle service for oil and gas treatment using high-quality and effective reagents of our own production


Upstream and Midstream Oil & Gas


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Qualified staff of the company are sent to customer site with mobile laboratories and special equipment .  A full range of activities is carried out to select a right and efficient chemical program at the customer’s oil fields, including review the technological regime, solving the current problems of the customer by full “immersion”, performing the necessary analyses, supporting pilot tests, issuing recommendations for the use of reagents, and improving technological parameters. In their research and application activities, the company’s specialists cooperate with leading Academic and industry institutions.

Demulsifiers are a balanced composition of non-ionic surfactants based on ethylene oxide and propylene block copolymers, oxyalkylated phenol formaldehyde resins and polyesters in an alcohol-aromatic solvent.

High water discharge rate, low content of water and salts in the prepared oil, high quality of waste water, clear phase separation boundary, pressure reduction in oil collection systems at low temperatures oil production, prevention of formation of intermediate layers.

Hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan scavengers are designed to neutralize (absorb) hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans in gas-water-oil systems during oil production, preparation, and transportation. They are a composition of alkylamines in an alcohol solvent.

Irreversibly interact with hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans that are present in the gas, water and oil to form water-soluble, stable, non-toxic products

Designed to meet all modern requirements for oilfield chemistry products, which ensures their high functional and operational properties.








– Quality of extracted oil (oil emulsion).

– Solid Particles

– Equipment defects

– Local environmental regulations.

– Low-temperature environment

– Flow resistance

– Corrosion

– Scaling

– Paraffin and Asphaltene depositions

– Premature failure of equipment

– Low quality of transported oil.

– Low oil production

– Overload of units, equipment and high

energy and fuel consumption.

– Increasing the quality and amount of

oil production (desalting, oil

dehydration, scaling management)

– Removal of H2S and mercaptans

– Decreasing of pour point.

– Premature failure of equipment

– Increasing quality of produced water

– Flow improvement

– Products warranty up to 1 year

– Field support

– 24/7 Online Support.

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asset integrity

The main reasons for reducing the resource of almost all types of oil production and refining equipment are corrosion damage and their erosion and mechanical wear.


oil production maximization

Process facilities for the separation of hydrocarbons from produced water in the oilfield are critical to flow assurance, product quality and environmental compliance.


flow assurance

Hydrocarbon and some other gases that come into contact with water under certain pressure and temperature conditions can also form crystallohydrates.  Accumulating in


water treatment

Water treatment technologies are an essential line of defence to remove contaminants and bacteria before the delivery of clean, potable water supplies for consumption.



With Innovations

R&D works are carried in 3 own research laboratories, which meets international standards.
At same time we are working together with the Russian research Institutes in the field of improving the technology of oil production and processing, research of new highly effective and enviroment friendly reagents for oil production and processing.

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