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Emulsifier Para BN1030

The Para BN 1030 emulsifier is designed to produce cationic fast- and medium-decaying bitumen emulsions used in road construction for priming, surface treatment and patching of the roadway. Emulsifier “Para BN 1030” is a composition of fatty amines and their derivatives.

Emulsifier ” Para BN 1030 ” is produced in accordance with TU 2490-084-17423242-2013.

Used in services

road construction


The emulsifier “Koltek BN 1030” is intended for use as an emulsifier in the production of rapidly disintegrating bitumen emulsions of the EBK-1 and EBK-2 grades according to GOST R 52128 in batch units, as well as an adhesive additive to bitumen to increase the adhesion of EBK emulsions to the crushed stone surface when carrying out superficial processing and in cold mixes.

The emulsifier is used in the form of an aqueous solution with pH=1.8-2.2. For acidification, hydrochloric acid of 15–35% concentration is used. The consumption of 35% hydrochloric acid for neutralization is 0.55-0.73 kg/kg of emulsifier.


The dosage of the emulsifier “Para BN 1030” in the production of EBK-1 emulsion is 3.0-5.0 kg/t of emulsion. In the production of EBK bitumen emulsions, to ensure active adhesion of the emulsion to the crushed stone surface of at least 5 points, the emulsifier dosage is 0.3–1% of the bitumen weight. 

The emulsifier is introduced with stirring into bitumen heated to 120-140°C until emulsified at a temperature of 120-140°C and retains its properties for at least 12 hours. When storing bitumen heated to a temperature of 120-140°C with an additive for more than 24 hours, it is recommended to re-introduce the additive in an amount of 0.3% by weight of the bitumen.

physical and chemical indicators
Appearance homogeneous liquid from light yellow to reddish brown
Density at 20°С, g/cm3 0.820 – 1.150
Pour point, °С, not higher plus 10