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Paraffin inhibitor Para DN3149

Paraffin inhibitor “Para DN 3149” is a specially selected combination of copolymers in a hydrocarbon solvent and is designed to prevent the precipitation of paraffins in the processes of oil production and transportation, to reduce the pour point of oils and residual oil products. The action of the reagent is due to its effect on the crystal structure of paraffins in the composition of oil / oil products. Paraffin inhibitor “Para DN 3149” is produced in accordance with the current technical specifications TU 2458-034-17423242-2010 with amend. one.

Used in services

Transportation of oil and oil products

Protection of process and pipeline equipment


As a depressant additive, the inhibitor “Para DN 3149” is introduced into fuel oil in the form of a 5 or 10% solution in diesel fuel. Before preparing the solution, the additive must be heated to a temperature of 55-60 ° C (it becomes well fluid). In the same way, it is desirable to introduce an additive into oil in the fields.


The effectiveness of the “Para DN 3149” additive depends on the composition and content of paraffins in the treated fuel. The dosage of the reagent depends on the specific conditions of use and can range from 100 g/ton to 1000 g/ton, the most typical dosages are 100-200 g/ton of oil or fuel oil. The effectiveness of the additive is affected by its good distribution (mixing) over the volume of the processed product.It is recommended to supply the inhibitor using a dosing pump.

physical and chemical indicators
AppearanceOintment-like liquid from light yellow to brown
Density at 50С, g/cm30.840 – 0.940
Pour point, С, not higherPlus 25