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Paraffin inhibitor Para DN3905

Paraffin inhibitor “Para DN 3905” is a specially selected composition of copolymers in a hydrocarbon solvent (nefras, solvent). Paraffin inhibitor “Para DN 3905” is designed for removal and dispersion of asphaltenes in the processes of oil production and transportation, removal of previously formed paraffin and asphaltene deposits in oil and gas production. It is also used as a pour point depressant to reduce the pour point and improve the rheological properties of oil and residual oil products, incl. fuel oils, gas oils, paraffins. Paraffin inhibitor “Para DN 3905” is produced in accordance with the current technical specifications TU 2458-003-70846276-2014.

Used in services

Protection of process and pipeline equipment


It is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations for the use of the PARA DN 3905 inhibitor: to heat up the inhibitor, prepare the working solution of the inhibitor and preheat the working solution of the inhibitor and the fuel to be treated before introducing the reagent.


The effectiveness of the Inhibitor “Para DN 3905” depends on the composition and content of paraffins in the treated fuel. The dosage of the inhibitor depends on the specific conditions of use and can range from 100 g/ton to 1000 g/ton. It is recommended to supply the inhibitor using a dosing pump.

physical and chemical indicators
Appearancelight yellow to dark brown liquid
Density at 20С, g/cm30.810 – 0.990
Pour point, С, not higherminus 35