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Reagent Para K-80

Reagent K-80 is intended for use as a reagent in oil production and refining; as a demulsifier for oil emulsions, both as part of a composition and independently. Reagent K-80 is a solution of ethoxylated aromatic resin in toluene. Reagent K-80 is produced in accordance with the current technical specifications TU 2458-024-17423242-2009.

Used in services

Oil preparation


Reagent K-80 is used as a component for the production of demulsifiers for oil emulsions. Reagent K-80 is soluble in hydrocarbon solvents, insoluble in water.

physical and chemical indicators
AppearanceHomogeneous transparent liquid from light yellow to dark brown without visible mechanical impurities
Mass fraction of dry matter, %78±5
Hydroxyl number, mg KOH/g, within (for 100% dry matter)110 – 125
Dynamic viscosity at 25 0С, mPa*s, within180 – 320