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Oxygen absorber Para V9701

Oxygen scavenger “B 9701” is a specially selected balanced water-soluble composition of carbohydrazide

The oxygen absorber “B 9701” is intended for: absorption of dissolved oxygen in liquid media;   passivation of metal surfaces;   use as a deoxidizer of boiler water; corrosion control.

The oxygen absorber “B 9701” is produced in accordance with the technical specifications TU 2 165 -0 17 – 26913347 -201 5.

Used in services

Protection of equipment of water circulation systems


The PK 1210 oxygen absorber should be supplied to the system as early as possible in order to increase the contact time of the reagent with oxygen. The input of the reagent can be carried out both continuously with the help of dosing devices, and periodically. However, in any case, intensive mixing of the reagent with the treated medium must be ensured.


The efficiency of introducing oxygen absorber “PK 1210” depends on the degree of distribution of the reagent in the treated medium. The dosage of the oxygen absorber “PK 1210” can vary from 5 to 8 g per 1 g of oxygen.

physical and chemical indicators
Appearanceclear liquid from colorless to pink
Density at 20С, g/cm31.980 – 1.110
Pour point, С, not higherminus one
pH value, units, not less than7.5