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Demulsifier Para 2601

Reagent-demulsifier “Para 2601” is a solution of a urethane oligomer with terminal hydroxyl groups in a solvent-methanol or heavy aromatics.

Reagent-demulsifier “Para 2601” is intended for the destruction of water-oil emulsions in the preparation of oil in the fields and refineries.

Reagent-demulsifier “Para 2601” is produced in accordance with TU 38.401-58-266-00.

Used in services

Oil preparation

physical and chemical indicatorsGrade A
Appearancehomogeneous transparent liquid from light yellow to brown
Kinematic viscosity at 20°С, mm2/sno more than 200
Mass fraction of dry residue, %, within38 – 42
Pour point, 0С, not higherminus 40