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Corrosion Inhibitor PARA 30419

Corrosion inhibitor “HERCULES 30419” is intended for use in the oil production and oil refining industry to protect equipment and pipelines from corrosion caused by brines and water condensates containing carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other components.

The HERCULES 30419 inhibitor is a mixture of imidazoline derivatives in a hydrocarbon solvent. It has a number of technological advantages in protection against corrosion in gaseous environments – resistance to foaming, emulsion formation, and others. Produced in accordance with TU 2415-045-17423242-2011.

Used in services

Protection of technological equipment for processing hydrocarbon raw materials


Corrosion inhibitor HERCULES 30419 is used in visbreaking units at refineries. Recommended as a highly effective corrosion inhibitor in the protection of pipelines transporting associated petroleum gases to gas processing plants, power plants and other facilities. The use of the corrosion inhibitor “HERCULES 30419” provides protection not only from general, but also from pitting (pitting) corrosion of the inner surface of APG pipelines. 


The effectiveness of the HERCULES 30419 corrosion inhibitor depends on the specific conditions of use, therefore, industrial dosages of the reagent can vary from 3 g / ton to 20 g / ton at refineries, and from 10 g / ton to 200 g / ton at oil and gas fields. It is recommended to supply the inhibitor using a dosing pump. 

physical and chemical indicators
Appearance liquid from light brown to dark brown
Density at 20C, g / cm3 0.875-0.950
Pour point, С, not higher minus 40