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Corrosion Inhibitor PARA 30617

Corrosion inhibitor “HERCULES 30617” is a specially selected combination of imidazoline derivatives in an aromatic solvent. The inhibitor creates a protective film on the metal surface due to physical and chemical adsorption, and thereby protects the metal from the effects of corrosive components of technological media. Corrosion inhibitor “HERCULES 30617” is produced in three grades A, B and AC, depending on the composition and technical characteristics in accordance with TU 38.401-58-237-2003 with rev. 1, 2, 3.

Used in services

Protection of technological equipment for processing hydrocarbon raw materials


Corrosion inhibitor “HERCULES 30617” is used in the oil and gas production and oil refining industries. The reagent is designed to provide effective protection of equipment and pipelines from corrosion caused by the presence of aggressive components such as hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and others. 


The effectiveness of the corrosion inhibitor “HERCULES 30617” depends on the specific conditions of use, therefore, industrial dosages of the reagent can vary from 3 g / ton to 20 g / ton at oil refineries, and from 10 g / ton to 200 g / ton at oil and gas fields. It is recommended to supply the inhibitor using a dosing pump. The reagent has high temperature stability, which allows for short-term heating up to (200-250) ° С without loss of efficiency, however, the recommended operating heating should be within the range of up to 180 ° С. 

physical and chemical indicators brand A brand AC brand B
Appearance light brown to brown liquid light brown to brown liquid colorless to light brown liquid
Density at 15C, g / cm3 0.8834-0.9533 0.850-0.920 0.850 – 0.990
Pour point, С, not higher minus 40 minus 40 minus 40