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Corrosion Inhibitor Para 44912

Corrosion inhibitor “HERCULES 44912” is designed to protect equipment and pipelines from carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide corrosion in the processes of oil production, treatment and transportation. The inhibitor “HERCULES 44912” is a mixture of imidazoline and amine derivatives in a solvent medium. The inhibitor “HERCULES 44912”, depending on the technical characteristics and conditions of use, is produced in two grades A and B: Grade A on the basis of an alcohol-aromatic solvent; Grade B based on a water-alcohol solvent. Corrosion inhibitor “HERCULES 44912” is manufactured in accordance with TU 2458-055-17423242-2011.

Used in services

Protection of technological and pipeline equipment


Corrosion inhibitor “HERCULES 44912” is used in the oil and gas industry, and is designed to provide effective protection of equipment against corrosion caused by dissolved corrosive gases such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and others. Works in a wide range of chemical and physical conditions.


The effectiveness of the corrosion inhibitor “HERCULES 44912” depends on the specific conditions of use, therefore the industrial dosage of the reagent can vary from 5 g / t to 100 g / t. It is recommended to supply the inhibitor in a marketable form using a dosing pump.

physical and chemical indicatorsBrand ABrand B
Appearanceliquid from light yellow to dark brownliquid from light yellow to dark brown
Density at 20C, g / cm30.810 – 0.9900.810 – 0.990
Mass fraction of non-volatile substances,%, not less2020
Pour point, С, not higherminus 50minus 50