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Bioscale Inhibitor Para 49015

Bioscale inhibitor “Para 49015″ is designed to control the growth of microorganisms in equipment and pipelines of oil, gas and processing industries. Biodeposit inhibitor ” Para 49015″ is effective against sulfate-reducing, sludge-forming, acid-forming and other types of bacteria, as well as molds and yeasts. Biodeposition inhibitor ” Para 49015″ is a mixture of isothiozalinone derivatives in a water-alcohol solution. Biodeposit inhibitor ” Para 49015″ is produced in accordance with TU 2458-015-26913347-2014.

Used in services

Protection of process and pipeline equipment

physical and chemical indicators
Appearance light yellow to dark brown liquid
Density at 20С, g/cm3 0.860 – 0.960
Pour point, С, not higher minus 40