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Biodispersant Para B9285

 Dispersant “V 9285” is intended for dispersing and preventing the accumulation of oil products in cooling water circulation systems. The use of dispersant B 9285 is provided for at oil refineries, oil production and other enterprises. Dispersant B 9285 is an aqueous solution of glycols and amino alcohols. Dispersant “V 9285” is produced in accordance with the current technical conditions TU 2458-012-26913347-2014. 

Used in services

Protection of equipment for water circulation systems


Dispersant “V 92 8 5”

physical and chemical indicators
Appearance Homogeneous liquid from colorless to light yellow
Density at 20 ° C, g / cm 3 0.090 – 1.150
Pour point, ° С, not higher 0 (zero)