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Corrosion Inhibitor Para B9310

Corrosion inhibitor “B 9310” is a water-soluble composition of derivatives and salts of phosphoric acid. 

Corrosion inhibitor “B 9310” is designed to protect heat exchange and technological equipment against corrosion.

Corrosion inhibitor “B 9310” is produced in three grades A, B and A (C) in accordance with the current technical conditions TU 2482-051-17423242-2011 with rev. one.

Corrosion inhibitor “B 9380” is a non-combustible liquid.

Used in services

Protection of equipment for water circulation systems


Corrosion inhibitor “B 9310” is dosed into the water circulation system constantly using a dosing pump. Dosing can be carried out directly from product drums or from working plastic containers.


The dosage of the corrosion inhibitor “B 9310” depends on the quality of the circulating water and its corrosiveness, is established empirically (laboratory and pilot-industrial tests), depends on the degree of closedness of the system (coefficient of evaporation of the system). Working dosages of the inhibitor are in the range of 10-50 ppm. 

At the initial application of the inhibitor or application after a technological shutdown of the circulating water supply system, shock dosages of about 50-100 ppm are recommended for 1-3 days to create a working concentration of the reagent in order to form a protective film.

physical and chemical indicatorsBrand ABrand BBrand A (3)
Appearancehomogeneous transparent liquid from colorless to amber colorhomogeneous transparent liquid from colorless to amber colorhomogeneous transparent liquid from colorless to amber color
Density at 20 ° С, g / cm31,490 – 1,5901,410 – 1,5101,380 – 1,520
Pour point, ° С, not higherminus 15minus 15minus 50
PH value, unit, not less7.07.07.0