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Corrosion Inhibitor Para B9370

Corrosion inhibitor “HERCULES 49370” is a water-soluble complex mixture of organic compounds based on organic phosphonates and / or derivatives of phosphoric acid. Corrosion inhibitor “HERCULES 49370” is designed to protect equipment and pipelines from corrosion caused by oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen chloride and other aggressive components in the water environment, for use in the oil, gas production and processing industries. Corrosion inhibitor “HERCULES 49370” is manufactured in accordance with the current technical conditions TU 2458-002-26913347-2014.

Used in services

Protection of technological and pipeline equipment


Corrosion inhibitor HERCULES 49370 is dosed continuously using a dosing pump. Dosing can be carried out directly from product drums or from working plastic containers. 


The dosage of the corrosion inhibitor “HERCULES 49370” depends on the corrosiveness of the environment and is established empirically (laboratory and pilot-industrial tests). Working dosages of the inhibitor are in the range of 10-100 ppm. 

physical and chemical indicators
Appearance colorless to amber liquid
Density at 20C, g / cm3 1,260 – 1,430
Pour point, С, not higher minus 40
PH value, units, no more 3.0