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Scale Inhibitor Para B9402

Scale inhibitor “B 9402” is a balanced composite composition based on complexing phosphorus-containing organic compounds.

The inhibitor is intended for use as an inhibitor of   inorganic salt deposits   in technological processes at all stages of oil production, transportation and treatment, as well as in water circulation cooling and heat supply systems.

Scale and corrosion inhibitor “B 9402” is produced in accordance with the current technical specifications TU 2458-074-17423242-2012.

Used in services

Transportation of oil and oil products

Oil preparation

Protection of process and pipeline equipment


Inhibitor ” B 9402″  is constantly dosed into the system using a dosing pump. Dosing can be done directly from product drums or from working plastic containers. For ease of dosing, the reagent can be pre-diluted with water. For water circulation systems, it is considered more efficient to supply the reagent to make-up water.


The dosage of the inhibitor “B 9402” depends mainly on the hardness of the water. As a general recommendation, the working concentration of the inhibitor in the recycled water should be 20-50 g/cm3.

When initially applying the inhibitor to water circulating cooling systems, shock dosages   of approximately 50-100 ppm in the volume of circulating water are recommended to create a working concentration of the reagent.


physical and chemical indicators
Appearance light yellow to brown liquid
Density at 20С, g/cm3, within 0.920 – 1.150
Pour point, С, not higher minus 45
pH value, units, not less than 7.0