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Scale Inhibitor Para B9450

Scale inhibitor “B 9450” is a balanced composition of chemical components in an aqueous or water-glycol solution, which is based on carboxylic acid oligomers; the reagent also includes organic phosphonates. A feature of the composition of the   inhibitor is the low content of phosphonic acids.

Scale inhibitor “B 9450” is produced in two grades A and C in accordance with the current technical specifications TU 2458-086-17423242-2013

Used in services

Protection of equipment of water circulation systems


Scale inhibitor “B 9450” is designed to prevent precipitation and deposition of salts on the walls of various technological pipelines and apparatus used in water circulation systems, as well as in steam-condensate systems; It can be used both as part of complex processing and separately.

The use of an inhibitor is recommended in cases of strict standards for the content of phosphonates when discharging recycled water into reservoirs for fisheries purposes (at a maximum dosage of 50 mg/l of the inhibitor, the phosphorus content is not more than 0.2 mg/l).


Dosage of scaling inhibitor “B 9450” If there are restrictions on the discharge of recycled water in terms of phosphorus (no more than 0.2 mg/l), the maximum dosage of the inhibitor is up to 50 mg/l.

In the absence of any restrictions on the composition of recycled water, there are no restrictions on the dosage of the inhibitor.

physical and chemical indicators Grade A Grade C
Appearance homogeneous liquid from light yellow to brown homogeneous liquid from light yellow to brown
Density at 20С, g/cm3 0.980 – 1.120 1.020 – 1.170
Pour point, С, not higher 0 (zero) minus 15
pH value, unit, no more 2.0 2.0