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Adhesive Para BN 1402

Adhesive “Para BN 1402” is intended for use in the production of hot and cold asphalt mixes. Adhesive “Para BN 1402” is a composition of the condensation product of fatty acids and polyamine derivatives.

Adhesive ” Para BN 1402 ” is produced in accordance with TU 2490-057-17423242-2011.

Used in services

road construction


Adhesive “Para BN 1402” is intended for introduction into liquid and viscous petroleum bitumen to improve adhesive properties, as well as a bitumen stabilizer in the production of hot ABS. Due to the ability to bind oxygen dissolved in bitumen, the adhesive slows down the process of thermal-oxidative degradation of the binder in the production of hot ABS. 

At the same time, the coefficient of water resistance significantly increases with prolonged water saturation, which is one of the most important technological indicators of ABS. When used in combination with the required type of solvent, it is used as an additive in the production of stored organo-mineral mixtures for patching


The introduction of the adhesive into the bitumen in an amount of 0.3% to 0.5% by weight of the bitumen does not adversely affect the basic physical and mechanical properties of the modified bitumen. At the same time, the modified bitumen becomes more plastic, its aging after heating decreases, and the adhesion of bitumen to the surface of mineral materials of acid and basic types increases significantly. Due to the liquid form, the adhesive is easy to use, as well as a high uniformity of the bitumen with the additive.   

physical and chemical indicators
Density at 20°С, g/cm3 0.880 – 1.060
Pour point, °С, not higher minus 5
pH value of 1% aqueous solution, units, not less than 8.5
Appearance yellow to dark brown liquid. Opalescence is allowed during storage