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Scale Inhibitor Para IS2142

Scale inhibitor “PARA IS 2142” is a specially developed mixture of phosphoric acid esters in methanol-ethylene glycol solvent. It is used to combat deposits of carbonate and calcium sulfate. Effective also against barium sulfate deposits. Scale inhibitor “PARA IS 2142” is produced in accordance with TU 2458-070-17423242-2012.

Used in services

Protection of process and pipeline equipment


Scale inhibitor “PARA IS 2142” is designed to control scale in wells and to protect ground equipment in the field. Its typical application is oil treatment plants. In systems of this kind, as well as in waterflooding systems, the reagent is supplied continuously. It can be pumped periodically into the annulus of producing wells.


The dosage of the scale inhibitor “PARA IS 2142” depends primarily on the content of calcium salts. The dosage range can be defined as 5-50 ppm based on the volume of water produced. The volume of periodic injections of the reagent into the wells is determined directly on site, however, in general, this method is less economical than continuous injection.

physical and chemical indicators
Appearance colorless liquid
Density at 20С, g/cm3 1.030 ÷ 1.105
Pour point, С, not higher – 40
pH value, units, within 5.5 ÷ 6.5