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Complex modifier of asphalt concrete mixtures Para KMA

Complex asphalt concrete modifier “KMA” Paragroup is intended for use in accordance with design solutions as part of asphalt concrete mixtures for pavement of roads, industrial sites and airfields. The KMA modifier is effective when used in asphalt mixes of types A, B and C, as well as in crushed-stone-mastic asphalt concrete. The use of the KMA modifier provides an increase in the service life of asphalt concrete and improves the safety of road operation. The KMA modifier is produced from a finely dispersed active rubber powder with a developed surface, a mineral filler, a gelling agent, an adhesive and a cross-linking agent by mixing. It is possible to use carbon black, dyes or other additives in an amount of not more than 3% of the total mass of raw materials.

Used in services

road construction

physical and chemical indicators
AppearancePowder mix, color not standardized
Bulk density, g/cm30.62 – 0.69
Agglomeration index, points, no moreeight
Oil number, ml/100g, not less than15