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The process of oil preparation is one of the most important in the production – transportation – processing technological chain. The quality of oil production, its cost price and, ultimately, the quality of oil products depend on this process to the maximum extent. In real conditions, highly stable emulsions, such as “water in oil”, are often formed during the operation of oilfield equipment. Stable oil emulsions significantly complicate the operation of the equipment (the efficiency of pumping units decreases, the increase in liquid pressure significantly increases the load on electric motors and pipelines, and the equipment is subjected to significant corrosion wear). This problem is solved by using special chemical reagents.
PARAGROUP provides a suite of specialty chemicals that remove water from oil and oil from water in production systems. Our wide range of emulsion breaker and water clarifier formulations are designed to treat complex emulsions to increase efficiency and uptime, leading to improved total cost of operation. Our emulsion breakers and water clarifiers enable phase separation and treat emulsion in a variety of applications including heavy oil, SAGD, conventional, oil sands, offshore and shale.