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In most processes and applications, polymer dosing is required to have a better result at the end of process. Polymer dosing units are the equipment used for preparation and dosing of polymer solutions which are needed in treatment plants, most industrial processes or disinfection applications. They are generally composed of a polymer preparation tank manufactured by a material resistant to chemicals, a polymer dosage screw, and mixers.

International offers standardized and ready-to-use polymer dosing units which can be operated manually, semi-automatically or full- automatically according to the customers’ demands. They can be manufactured in different capacities depending on the requirements.

They are needed especially for automatically preparation of polymer solutions which are used as coagulants for suspended solids in the water treated in wastewater treatment plants. Polymer addition is a necessity to obtain a good result in water treatment both for the primary clarification-flocculation stage and the last sludge dehydration stage.

There are three main compartments of polymer dosing units: polymer solution preparation, ageing, and storage compartments. The incoming water is controlled by a pressure control mechanism. Dry polymer enters the feeding hopper and it is dosed to eductor. Dissolution process starts when the polymer in powder form which is dosed from eductor to the tank is mixed with water. The solution flows into the ageing compartment and it is made homogenized by means of the flash mixer. Finally, it comes to the storage compartment and dosing of solution is controlled by the sensitive level sensors.

International Polymer Dosing Units are mainly made up of tank, dry polymer storage reservoir, dry polymer feeding screw, rapid mixer, slow mixer and drive units.


  • Reliable and efficient systems
  • Compact design
  • Available for continuous operation if required
  • Safe and easy operation
  • Economic solutions
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Low investment, operation and maintenance cost
  • Low energy consumption


Water treatment • Municipal wastewater treatment • Industrial wastewater treatment • Food industry, • Cosmetic industry, • Pulp and paper industry, • Chemical industry, • Leather industry, • Textile industry, • Marble industry, etc. • Boiler feed treatment • Cooling water treatment • Reverse osmosis • Ultrafiltration



Polymer Dosing Units are commonly preferred in water and wastewater treatment plants to prepare polymer solutions used for further treatment processes. Dry polymer is stored in a reservoir which has a feeding screw at the bottom. The feeding screw doses needed amount of dry polymer to eductor which has a conical shape. Water also enters the eductor, mixes with the dry polymer, and directly flows through the tank. The solution in the tank is mixed by a flash mixer. The polymer is kept suspended by means of the low-speed mixer placed in the second tank (ageing compartment).

Dry polymer which is stored in the reservoir is dosed to the eductor. Water also

enters the eductor, mixes with the dry polymer, and directly flows through the tank.

The solution in the polymer solution preparation tank is mixed by a flash mixer. In the

ageing compartment, the low-speed mixer keeps the polymer suspended.

After these processes, the solution is stored in the storage compartment