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Hydrogen sulfide absorber Paragroup PS1615

Hydrogen sulfide absorber “PARAGROUP PS 1615” is an oil-soluble composition of tertiary amine condensation products.

The absorber is designed to bind hydrogen sulfide and acidic mercaptans in oil, oil products, including residual oil products and gas condensate. The absorber is used in the processes of oil and gas production and treatment at oil refineries and at points of transshipment of oil and oil products. 

The absorber ” PARAGROUP PS 1615 ” is manufactured in accordance with the technical specifications TU 2413-017-17423242-2012.

Used in services

Transportation of oil and oil products

Oil preparation


The absorber of hydrogen sulfide ” PARAGROUP PS 1615 ” should be supplied as early as possible to the oil and oil product collection or processing system in order to increase the contact time of the reagent with hydrogen sulfide (mercaptans). The introduction of the reagent can be carried out both continuously using dosing devices and periodically. However, in any case, intensive mixing of the reagent with oil and oil product must be ensured.


The efficiency of the PARAGROUP PS 1615 injection depends on the degree of distribution of the reagent in the oil product environment. This is especially important for viscous oil products (fuel oil, boiler fuels). Heating such oil products to 70-800C before adding the additive significantly improves the effect of the absorber.

The dosage of the absorber can vary from 5 to 15 g per 1 g of hydrogen sulfide. 

physical and chemical indicators Brand A
Appearance colorless to amber homogeneous liquid
Density at 20 ° С, g / cm3 0.800 – 0.900
Pour point, С, not higher minus 40
Kinematic viscosity, mm2 / s at 20C, not less 4.0
Kinematic viscosity, mm2 / s at 50C, not less 2.0