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Hydrogen sulfide absorber Paragroup PS2100

Hydrogen sulfide absorber “KOLTEK PS 2100” is a balanced composition of mineral alkalis.

Hydrogen sulfide absorber “KOLTEK PS 2100” is intended for binding hydrogen sulfide and acidic mercaptans in oil, gas and water environments.

The use of the absorber “KOLTEK PS 2100” is envisaged at oil, gas and gas condensate production enterprises, at oil and gas processing enterprises, as well as at points of transshipment of oil products and crude oil, in ports. 

The KOLTEK PS 2100 hydrogen sulfide absorber is manufactured in accordance with the current technical specifications TU 24583-021-26913347-2015.

Used in services

Fuel additives

Oil preparation

physical and chemical indicators Brand A
Appearance clear liquid from colorless to dark yellow
Density at 20 ° С, g / cm3 1.25 – 1.43
Pour point, ° С, not higher minus 25