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Paragroup’s thickeners are equipped with new generation hydraulic drives, high capacity feedwells, and low drag-high capacity rakes to deliver superior solids settling performance. Along with their robust construction, Westpro’s thickeners ensure superior performance in high-torque applications.


  • Various tank construction options
  • Low drag, high capacity rakes
  • Specially engineered, high performance feed well designs for enhanced solids settling
  • Options available for flocculant contactors and auto-dilution
  • New generation hydraulic drive with high torque capability
  • Integrated rake lift drive base with high capacity hydraulic cylinders
  • Single hydraulic power unit powers both drive and rake lift
  • Automatic rake lift system with pressure switch torque alarms
  • Local control panel and PLC
  • High Capacity/High Rate
  • Conventional
  • High Density Underflow (HDU)
  • Wastewater treatment
  • High capacity feedwell design with optimum retention time performance and even distribution of solids.
  • High torque capacity rakes.
  • Rake blades designed for precise removal of solids without disturbing the settled solids.
  • Low maintenance hydraulic drive base with torque and rake position monitoring capabilities.
  • Drive base lift up to 24″.
  • Overflow turbidity and underflow density meter options available.
  • Heavy duty bridge allowing for clear access to all drive components and process monitoring.
  • High angle conical bottom offers high compression of underflow solids.
  • Higher sidewalls than conventional thickeners allows for higher underflow SG densities.
  • Feedwell evenly distributes the slurry throughout the tank allowing the solids to compress uniformly throughout the settling area.
  • Feedwell is designed for optimizing flocculation time.
  • High torque rake fitted with vertical pickets allows for water removal from the compacted sludge.