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Water-Glycol Solution Para VGR0102

Water-glycol solution “VGR 0102” is intended for use as a working fluid in the production of hydraulic, brake fluid, cooling low-freezing fluids and for use in various industries. Water-glycol solution VGR 0102 is a solution of ethylene glycol in softened water and does not contain other additives, additives or inhibitors. Water-glycol solution “VGR 0102” is produced in accordance with the technical specifications TU 2422-023-26913347-2015.

Used in services

Fuel additives

physical and chemical indicators
Appearance Clear, colorless to dark yellow liquid
Density at 20С, g/cm3 1.050 – 1.090
Pour point, С, not higher minus 35
pH value of 1% solution, units, not less than 5.5